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"Quality Results at Great Prices!"

        ~ Jason Wood / Diamond Head Developments

Doug and his team consistently deliver quality results at great prices. One of Suncoast's advantages is that they build their own product in a fully functioning local shop. Whenever we are building a custom job, the Suncoast team can provide multiple options for our clients in real time and then build to suit.

"Suncoast can build a fabulous kitchen for just about anybody!"

        ~ David and Margaret / Black Tusk Village

In the Summer of 2011, we finally decided to upgrade our kitchen. It was made up of assorted stand-alone appliances and a single counter that became a collection place for everything else. We had a shortage of usable storage.

Based on the enthusiastic recommendation of our neighbours who had hired Suncoast to do their own kitchen we asked Doug Coleman of Suncoast to discuss the project with us. He provided a lot of good ideas and patiently answered our many questions before we decided to proceed.

We have been through several kitchen renovations in the past and appreciate that there is a lot involved. So, we considered other kitchen companies and even looked into buying cabinets and counters independently. In retrospect, we are glad to have gone ahead with Suncoast.

We had very few concerns with the installation of the cabinets and counters and were impressed with the amount of care and effort Dennis, the Suncoast installer, put into making everything fit and look good. The installation could not have been easy considering the unevenness of the floor that they had to build upon. It was also impressive to see how Dennis found a way to make the countertop cooktop fit with the wall oven installed below it.

The kitchen has been in use for many months now and we really enjoy it. The quality of the cabinets and counters is great and the new storage is more than we have been able to fill yet, although I'm sure that will change. Working with Suncoast has been fairly easy. They impressed us as being very fair minded, hardworking and quality conscious. My only recommendation is that prospective clients should have very clear goals in mind and be as involved in the design process as possible. Having said that, we believe Suncoast can build a pretty fabulous kitchen for just about anybody.

"Exceptional Quality Service!"

        ~ Colette Morin Glacier Air Tours

Doug and the Suncoast crew provide exceptional quality and service. From simple bathroom vanities to custom mill work for home or office, their attention to detail is unsurpassed. Doug and Dennis have produced cabinetry work for both my home and office and I highly recommend Suncoast Kitchens for any of your custom cabinet needs!

"We highly recommend Suncoast Kitchens!"

      ~ G. Smillie Holdings Ltd.

G. Smillie Holdings Ltd. has been dealing with Suncoast Kitchens  for over 20 years. We have a very good working relationship with Doug, Val, Denis and other staff who have always provided us with excellent service and design suggestions. We highly recommend Suncoast Kitchens for all your cabinetry needs.


"Great staff and workmanship!"

      ~ Bob and Linda Melson

Doug remodelled our kitchen in our home in Alberta back in 1984 when he first started up in the kitchen cabinet business. He redesigned it so it was more functional and with much more cabinet space; it is still a great feature of our home today.

When we started remodeling our lake home on Vancouver Island in 2001, he designed and installed two bathrooms with tub skirts , medicine and mirrors to match the cabinets . He worked with us to come up with a special color as well for the cabinets. When it came to doing the kitchen in our 1919 home in 2005, he incorporated the hidden cupboards and oddities of the home into our new kitchen.

He can make almost anything you need and helps with ideas of how to do you reno . Since then he has built beautiful mantels , entrance mirrors for us putting many finishing touches to the home. Everyone at Suncoast Kitchens has been helpful with every step of the renos we have done , including design , color , etc . Great staff and workmanship!

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