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SUNCOAST Cleaning Tips

   _ To clean quartz countertops, spray them with a solution of hot water mixed with a few drops 
        of gentle dish soap, wipe clean using a damp microfiber rag. dry of with another clean
         microfiber rag.
       _  Using degreaser on quartz is excellent for well-removing grease. Just be sure the store-bought
         the product does not contain bleach and is quartz-safe. Wipe degreaser off with a clean damp
         rag afterward.   
      _Ready-made glass cleaner works great for deep cleaning quartz . Wipe off with a clean, wet
      rag afterward.
     _To disinfect your quartz countertops and to spot treat stains, spray them with a 1:1 solution of
       isopropyl alcohol and water. Wipe clean using a damp microfiber rag. Dry off with another
       clean microfiber rag.
     _Be sure to clean spills immediately.

We know how important your new cabinetry is to you, and with little effort, you can keep them looking as good as new for many years!

Tips For Cleaning Your Cabinets

Wood Cabinet Surfaces:

Dust frequently and polish approximately once a month. Cabinet Magic may be used to polish wood cabinets and purchased at most hardware stores.

Please remember; never use water to clean your wood cabinets.

Always Remember:

• try to avoid extreme changes in room temperature.

• try and remove the doors and drawers of all cabinets adjacent to and above self-cleaning ovens during the self-cleaning mode.

• clean up spills and any standing water (such as condensation from a glass or bowl) immediately. Pay close attention to your sink area.

• extreme humidity can cause wood to warp or veneers to loosen

Try Not To:

• use water or damp cloths on your cabinetry.

• place more than 75 pounds in any drawer and distribute weight evenly.

• use an abrasive cleaner on any painted surface.

• leave damp cloths draped over cabinet doors. Moisture can cause permanent damage.

• harsh detergents and strong soaps can damage surfaces.

• use any used dishcloths on your cabinets; the dish soap can damage finishes.

• have constant direct sunlight in one area for a prolonged time.

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